Terms of Use & Conditions of the Service

First of all, thanks for relying on SpyVin! This document describes the Terms of Use & Conditions of the services that this company offers (“Service”) applicable to S.W. Cyprus Treasure and The Customer. If there is no separate agreement, in writing, this is the Agreement by default with the clients. It is important that you read these Terms and Conditions in full before using our Service. By using our Service you agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree you should not use our Service.


SpyVin’s Service & products are at your disposal on our website. There is no bidding in the offers in our website regarding any aspect of the Service. However, the order that a client submits constitutes a binding contract. Once the order is placed, SpyVin will send you a confirmation email to acknowledge the order. The acknowledgement of the order DOES NOT imply or constitute acceptance of the order. In fact, any order passes an evaluation prior to being accepted. The customer will receive another notification if the order is accepted or denied.


Vehicle History Reports (“VHR”) are one of the most popular services by SpyVin. The customer obtains a limited non-transferable and non-exclusive license to access this VHR. The data in the described report is exclusively meant for personal and non-commercial use. VHRs are meant to allow purchasers to make wise purchasing decisions; however, we cannot guaranty the accuracy of the reports or promise their admissibility as evidence before a court of law. Any ordered report is accessible for unlimited time. There is no limit as to the number of times you can access a report during this period.


SpyVin has the right to deny orders if the company believes there could be an improper use of the Service. As a customer, you CANNOT: Distribute, disseminate, copy, publish or share by any means the information contained in your personal pack of VHRs or single VHR; nor may a customer distribute, disseminate, copy, publish or share, in whole or in part, the reports. The customer is not allowed to use any part of our Service for: commercial uses, resale, or redistribution unless there is authorization by SpyVin by writing. Further, the extraction and/or re-utilization of any part of our Service by third-parties without express authorization of the company is not allowed. Unauthorized access to our database for data extraction or any illegitimate interest will be prosecuted. In particular, automatic access and/or exploitation of the data in our server is forbidden.

The customer accepts NOT TO:

  1. Use the VHR for any sort of unlawful purposes;
  2. Provide our Service or VHRs for reselling, remarketing or any similar activities (that imply commercial use);
  3. Provide our Service or VHRs to any motor vehicle dealer without express authorization by SpyVin;
  4. Replace, change, rewrite labels or copyrighted content in SpyVin VHRs and/or any associated documentation; and/o
  5. Parse VHR’s info regarding the Service provided by SpyVin as part of any order.

Any of the above-cited actions against this Agreement will be prosecuted.


To get a VHR the customer will have to provide a vehicle identification number (“VIN”) on SpyVin’s website. An invalid VIN shall return an error notification and will not result in a charge to the customer. When a valid VIN is provided but no data is found in the search the customer will not be charged. CUSTOMER CAN RETURN VHR IN PERIOD OF 30 DAYS WITH NO QUESTION ASKED AND WILL GET REFUND OF FULL AMOUNT OF $24.99 IN 7-30 DAYS (DEPENDS ON BANK). THE CUSTOMER HAVE TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT VIA EMAIL SUPPORT@SPYVIN.COM PROVIDING VALID TRANSACTION ID OR VALID EMAIL USED WHILE PURCHASING PRODUCT.


If VHR has been ordered correctly, with correct email address and VIN number and with successfully completed payment, we will send VHR in PDF format immediately after purchase or at least 24 hours after purchase (in case of technical issues) to the customer’s email address which has been entered during checkout process. In case that the customer entered an invalid email address, SPYVIN will issue a refund within 72 hours. If customer does not receive VHR in 24 hours timeframe he/she should contact us via email support@spyvin.com


SpyVin collects data from public records and uses vin-info.com API sources to create the VHRs. Such data may contain mistakes, errors and/or omissions which are not our responsibility. SpyVin DOES NOT guarantee the correctness nor the completeness of these documents that are displayed in the VHRs. The information available in the reports may also be available to other parties. SpyVin does not warrant exclusive access to that information. SpyVin may be subjected to data submission and/or delays in the inclusion of information in the VHRs due to delays from its sources. VHRs ARE NOT conclusive about the condition of vehicles. Customers assume 100% FULL responsibility for the decisions based upon the VHRs. SpyVin unique obligation when incorrect data is included in the VHRs is to update such reports. SpyVin offers no warrant as to the VHRs being complete or error-free in any circumstance. SPYVIN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IT’S AFFILIATE’S PROMOTIONAL METHODS AND IT IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THEIR ACTIVITIES. BY ACCEPTING SPYVIN’S TERMS AND CONDITIONS YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE BUYING OUR SERVICE BY YOUR OWN WILL.

Few words about us

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